Our Partners

Peach Honey is proud to partner with The Buried Alive Project, a non-profit organization that provides legal representation to people serving inhumane life sentences under outdated federal drug laws.

As this country continues to make huge advances in legislation and embraces the growth of cannabis and hemp industries, we cannot forget this was not always the case. As a company in the hemp space, Peach Honey vows to help the incarcerated people affected by past federal drug laws, which of the approximately 156,000 people in federal prison today, 46.2% of them are there for drug offenses and approximately 3,800 man and women are serving life without parole. Amongst those serving life without parole sentences almost half (49.1%) have been convicted of a drug crime and 80% of them are people of color.*

This is why we are partnered with The Buried Alive Project, a non-profit organization that helps free people serving inhumane life sentences under outdated federal drug laws.. In addition to their representation, they are pushing Congress for transformative legislative policies. They have saved the lives of over 50 people who survived over 1,000 in prison.

All proceeds from the sales of our Get Gooey Tanks, will be donated to The Buried Alive Project, to contribute to the fight for awareness about the injustices within the criminal justice system and transform institutional drug incarceration.


*Statistic from The Buried Alive Project