Will I get high?


Nope! Our organic high-grade CBD flower is non-psychoactive, which allows our community to enjoy the benefits of smoking, while remaining alert.


Do we ship there?


Most likely the answer is yes. We’ve shipped to almost every country, but please expect at least a 2 week delivery window for international orders. But if you would like to double check, you’re always welcome to reach out on our instagram messages, @peachhoney or via email at paizley@peachhoney.co 


Will this show up on a drug test?


Though we haven’t had any members of our community provide first hand feed back either way, we found this article on the matter the most helpful.


“Ok, here’s the deal. Labs that perform drug screenings don’t actually test for CBD since it’s non-intoxicating. So, to set the record straight, you can’t fail a drug test because of CBD.

However, a drug test does look for traces of THC in your urine. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant and a cousin of CBD.

There are small traces of THC in full-spectrum CBD products. CBD isolates and broad-spectrum products, on the other hand, are THC-free. At least they should be.

Sadly, even when you consume a THC-free product it can result in a false-positive because not all drug tests are 100% accurate. The test could confuse CBD for THC, which can cause an inaccurate reading.

On top of that, several factors can influence the outcome of your drug test result. These include the source of your CBD, the amount you consume, how long you consume it for, your individual body chemistry, and more.”




Peach Honey is a full spectrum product, so inevitably there is some risk associated with smoking CBD if you need to pass a drug test. Please make the best decision for you.


What is the difference between each Batch?

Since CBD hemp flower grows seasonally, occasionally we’ll have to bring in a new strain. Each strain is personally tested to ensure it’s delivering the quality gooey experience you know and love. You’ll always be able to view the COA’s (testing results of the flower) on the products page, so you can get the full scope of each flowers properties.